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Old Trails Alpaca Ranch is set up to agist your alpacas if you want to own alpacas and not want to be involved with the daily care and maintenance involved.

Your alpacas will receive all the attention, love and care they will need and want from our highly trained and qualified employees.

Our fees include board, feed, vaccinations, minor vet needs, breeding, birthing, daily maintenance, love and care.

Our fee’s don’t include breeding fees, emergency vet care, hauling, shearing or any costs due to above daily routine costs.

Agistment fee is $50.00 per month, per alpacas aged 6 months and up. Crias are free up to 6 months of age.


Old Trails Alpaca Company processes all its alpaca fiber into luxurious blankets. Theses are some of the most breathtaking blankets you will ever SEE. We like to call them TOMMOROWS TREASURES. Each blanket measures approximately 4” x 6” and no two are exactly alike! Thus making your blanket truly one of a kind!!!

       48" x 72" 100% HUACAYA BLANKETS are only $395.00
       48' x 72" 50% SURI / 50% HUACAYA are only $495.00

Old Trails can turn your fiber into these incredible blankets also. Have a favorite alpaca and would love to have your own personal blanket made “WE CAN DO IT”.

These blankets can make great gifts! You could give them to new clients, when they buy alpacas, give them as Christmas gifts or even sell them as part of your alpaca program. The possibilities are endless!

What we need if you want to have this done is clean blanket fiber in a bag.  It should be at least 4” in staple length to minimize loss. If you want a particular individual blanket made from one fleece you will need at least 2 ½ to 3 lbs of usable fiber per blanket. If you want to specify colors you will need to also need to have enough fiber for that particular blanket. If you want to mix colors and create combo’s that is possible. If you would like us to get the job done with no specifics feel assured you will get beautiful results.

*Please note that if you have suri fleece it has to be combined with huacaya to work. Please figure 50%/50% mix.

If you have any questions or would like to order CONTACT US and we will get your order processed and in the system.


1 TO 5 BLANKETS------------  $275.00
6 TO 10 BLANKETS ----------  $235.00
11 OR MORE -----------------  $200.00

Let Us Help Sell Your Alpacas

Many alpaca breeders and owners are great at raising alpacas but lack marketing knowledge. Old Trails Alpacas realizes the effort and costs that it takes to be successful at marketing. Bill Graham the owner of Old Trails Alpacas has been involved in marketing for 30 years, not only in alpacas but in many others businesses throughout his career. Bill Graham started AOBA’S National Marketing Committee along with Bruce Barr, Jim Faiks and Mike Safley way back when. At Old trails Alpacas we have a very aggressive marketing plan in place and would love to share our ideas with you or if you prefer we can market your alpacas for you.

If you would like us to market your alpacas or have any questions please CONTACT US and we will work out a plan that fits your needs specifically.

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