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                            WELCOME TO OLD TRAILS ALPACAS!!!

We at Old Trails Alpaca Company were among the first to import Alpacas into the US.

We've been through all of the good times and bad times that business in the Inland Northwest as well as the country overall has experienced.  And the one thing we know is that Alpacas remain one of the best investments you can make.

Please contact us at your earliest opportunity and let us show you first hand how you can take advantage of the tremendous benefits (including taxes) that the Alpaca industry can offer you. 

No matter if you're looking to simply enhance your current mix of farm animals or are looking to make Alpacas your livelihood we can show you the proper steps to take!  We look forward to hearing from you.    

Old Trails Alpaca Company
4717 Dowdy Road, Spokane 99224

The term "pure suri" is misunderstood. There are a number of ways to define a pure suri. The Suri Network breed standards as adopted, define a pure suri as the phenotypic product of mating a suri male with a suri female. The zoological definition of a pure breed is: A population of a species that have distinct characteristics that differentiate them from other populations in that species. Individuals within that population that reproduce with another individual of the population will produce offspring that are recognizable as members of that population. Animal breeding books allow that a breed can be defined by a breed association and does not necessarily need be "pure". There is no doubt that a suri can be born of a huacaya parent and that a huacaya can be born of two suri parents. Suri breeders may be better served to use science, not subjective definitions, to accomplish their goal of breeding pure suri. I created the Suri Selection Tool because I don't think a Suri breeder should have to get on their horse and go looking for a homozygous or "pure suri" male. Read entire story

We have a Whats New page added to the site as well as a Special of the Month
Take advantage of our Females ready to birth. At Old Trails all our females are for sale up until the cria hits the ground. We DO NOT take them off the market. We have 60 females due within the next few months 

Accoyo Suri  bloodlines including Accoyo Torbio, Accoyo Baron, Accoyo Estrello, Accoyo Durazno, Accoyo Inca, Accoyo Ganador, Accoyo Sedosa. Accoyo Tiago Primo, and other notable Suri Herdsires. We have many colored Suri Hersires to choose a breeding from or for sale.


Welcome to OLD TRAILS ALPACA COMPANY website.  We hope you enjoy your visit and find what you're looking for.  Old Trails Alpaca Company was founded just two years ago, but the owner Bill Graham has been involved in the alpaca business for over 20 years.  Bill was a founding member of A.O.B.A. and started the first ALPACAS OWNERS & BREEDERS ASSOC national marketing committee along with Bruce Barr, Jim Faiks and Mike Safley.  Bill Graham was very active in the creation of the alpaca industry attending all the major shows, conferences and actively involved with selling many of the countries new breeders their foundation alpacas. 

Old Trails Alpaca Company loves to talk about ALPACAS.  You can find many helpful articles in our LIBRARY and of course many beautiful alpacas to choose from in our ALPACAS FOR SALE section. 

Old Trails Alpacas wants to thank you for visiting our website and hope you can visit the farm to see what we have to offer.  If you have questions or would like to schedule a farm visit CONTACT US and we will gladly get back to you right away.

Old Trails Alpaca Company is dedicated to being your full service alpaca company!
We offer not only sales but OTHER SERVICES also.  If you are looking for quality
outside breedings to some of the countries finest SURI HERDSIRES we can help.
We also offer a great line up of HUACAYA HERDSIRES for outside breedings.  Here
at Old Trails Alpacas we are set up to manage and care for your alpacas with our
AGISTMENT PROGRAM.  If marketing isn't your game we can help you!  To learn more about our consignment plan visit our CONSIGNMENT MARKETING page.

Our Farm is located in Spokane Washington on 600 pristine acres filled with
wildlife.  Our alpacas come from some of the finest Accoyo Bloodlines and from some
of the most respected breeding programs in America.  We have had great relationships
built in the short tiime we've been back and would like to thank our new customers for their purchases.

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