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A special thanks and credits for allowing us to use these photos to Mike Safley and Northwest Alpacas

To anyone who has been in the alpaca business for any amount of time, the word ACCOYO has significant meaning. The name is the ranch of the world’s finest alpaca breeder Don Julio Barreda.
I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting Don Julio Barreda when we brought him to Spokane to give a seminar at the very first Alpaca Fest. My wife at the time became very close with Don Julio because of their mutual love for alpacas. She visited him several times at his ranch in Peru and was awestruck at the quality he had achieved.
We were involved with the very first ACCOYO importation and purchased an incredible group of Suri alpacas including DURAZNO (Uribe), GANADOR, and TORBIO. Along with an extremely nice foundation herd of Suri Females all from the ACCOYO herd.
We jumped at the chance to purchase as many Accoyo alpacas as we could in later importations. It was the smartest investment we ever made. Our suri’s won show after show mainly because of the quality and perfection created by Don Julio Barreda with his ACCOYO herd of alpacas.
I would be willing to bet that Accoyo bloodlines have dominated the show rings through out America. I took a seven year vacation from alpaca buisness but since coming back I have done my homework and ACCOYO is still where it’s at.
The perfection that has been created by Don Julio is second to none. Please take a few moments to look at some incredible PHOTOS taken of the Accoyo Alpacas. Many of these photographs were taken 60 YEARS AGO.
With that in mind you can see Don Julio had truly created a perfect alpaca long before anyone else was even close. His efforts over the last 65 years should be the foundation of the Alpaca Breed Standards for breeders in America to set their goals at. Many of the herd sires in America are direct results of this one mans dedication to improving the quality of alpacas with an intensive breeding program and a well managed long term plan.
I’m a devoted Accoyo believer; the proof is in the PHOTOS, in the show rings, in the prices realized, but most of all in the creator DON JULIO BARREDA

Thank You Don Julio for changing the American Alpaca Industry by sharing your efforts and knowledge with us.


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